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Introduction [Jan. 13th, 2007|05:48 pm]
The After Show

This is an introductory post to welcome all potential readers to The After Show. I hope you find my reviews, rants, previews entertaining and helpful. I designed this community because I love to write and I love reality games, so why not mash the two into one, right? 

What you'll find here is interviews with LJ Hosts on their current seasons/upcoming seasons as well as post information regarding applications, news, interviews with cast members, and official cast info. I will not attack anyone, but I will offer my views and those might differ from yours. However, that does not mean I won't report all sides of a story.  Aside from LJ, I will also offer news about real reality shows, reviews, etc. I hope you enjoy!

Brief Bio:
I've been addicted to LJ reality games since 2004, but am now in a transition of hosting. In addition to this community, I moderate celeb_games and I am extremely proud of how fast it's growing. I'm graduating high school this spring, and I hope to be attending Columbia College: Chicago this fall.