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14th season of MTV Challenges brings "The Inferno III" [Jan. 15th, 2007|08:36 am]
The After Show
Fresh of their surprisingly stellar, actual new format of "The Duel," the challenges take us back to the fire pits for a third swing.

"The Inferno III" takes us to Cape Town, South Africa with the same theme of Good Guys versus Bad Asses. The cast is full of newbies from their respective seasons, but thankfully some of our favorites have returned. However, try as I might, I'm not too impressed with the cast list.

Good Guys
Ace Amerson, RW: Paris
Alton Williams, RW: Las Vegas
Cara Zavaleta, RR: South Pacific
Colie Edison, RW: Denver
Davis Mallory, RW: Denver
John Devenanzio, RW: Key West
Paula Meronek, RW: Key West
Rachel Moyal, RW: Austin
Susie Meister, RR: Down Under
Timmy Beggy, RR: USA - The Second Adventure

Bad Asses
Abram Boise, RR: South Pacific
Aneesa Ferreira, RW: Chicago
Chris "CT" Tamburello, RW: Paris/
Tyrie Ballard, RW:Denver
Danny Jamieson, RW: Austin
Evelyn Smith, RW/RR: Fresh Meat
Janelle Casanave, RW: Key West
Jenn Grijalva, RW: Denver
Kenny Santucci, RW/RR: Fresh Meat
Tonya Cooley, RW: Chicago 

Reportedly, the fourth person to be kicked off due to violence occurs in this season, which is also the second consecutive season for such offense. For people who don't like to be spoiled, I've put the name under the cut.

CT Tamburello is allegedly pushes another cast member, which prompts the producers to ask him to leave production. This is also the second season in a row where Tamburello leaves by a technicality, not by his performance in the challenges or the duel/inferno. For anyone who is a fan of the Challenges, they know full well that cast members who are kicked off due to violence rarely make a return, so if you're a fan of Tamburello, you might want to enjoy him while he's streaming through your television. You never know, though, Puck was always asked back. Any way, Tamburello was replaced by challenge veteran Derrick Kosinski, RR: X-treme.